Eve Echoes will be released on August 13 on Android and iOS

Eve Echoes will be released on August 13 on Android and iOS

“Authentic Eve Online Online Experience”
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CCP Games announced via Twitter that Eve Echoes, “Eve Online's authentic online experience”, will be released worldwide on August 13 for Android and iOS devices. Interested players can now pre-register for the game's release through the official website and guarantee some rewards in the process when the game is available.

In addition to keeping Eve's familiar game mechanics, Eve: Echoes also uses her social system as part of her overall experience. Players will be able to join and lead corporations, align themselves with others to form even stronger coalitions, while capturing opponents' territories through massive fleet battles. The game will also bring a deep and realistic social system providing players with a futuristic interconnected interstellar lifestyle.

Eve Echoes also includes a vast persistent universe incorporating more than 8,000 solar systems, with players having the possibility to choose their own path among numerous options, whether exploring space, participating in large scale battles against other players, or performing activities such as mining, trade and industry.

Check out the gameplay trailer for the game below:


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