Dev says lower expectations with PS5, but Series X is a monster

Dev says lower expectations with PS5, but Series X is a monster

PS5 will do more work to achieve the same level of loyalty as the competition, he says.
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The developer Dynamic Voltage Games recently commented on his personal Twitter about the new consoles to be released later this year, the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Recently the developer warned fans to lower their expectations for the PS5 and its SSD, which resulted in some negative comments from fans, to which she replied:

I was called f @ nboy on Xbox for trying to moderate expectations about the PS5. I warned against believing that loading times would be a thing of the past. Now that the game leak has proven me right, let me also say this: you don't have to moderate your expectations with the Xbox Series X. He's a monster.

Because of her comment, users on Twitter started making fun of the developer, stating that she played "fish games". She said:

See, these are things. Why am I being held responsible for Sony's bizarre hardware designs? I didn't create it. If you're upset, complain to Sony. I don't know why Playstation fans feel the need to troll my games.

When I talk about the problems I have with the PS5 hardware - people get angry. When I say that the PS5 will sell more than the Xbox Series X - no one gets mad. That says a lot about the fan base of each console.

As for the problems in developing for the PS5, the developer says that extra work will be needed to reach the same level of loyalty as the competition and it will only be worth it if the PS5 was cheaper.

PS5 asks developers to do things they are not used to in order to achieve the same level of loyalty as the competition. This is not a problem if the PS5 is cheaper than the competition. So I won't be talking about the PS5 again until we have the prices.
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