Cuphead may be coming to PlayStation 4

It has appeared on multiple PSNs around the world, and Geoff Keighley will make a special announcement for an independent company tomorrow
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First debuting on Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2017 and in 2019 coming to Nintendo Switch, it seems that Cuphead is joining another new home.

After having been spotted appearing on multiple PSN stores (such as those in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia), Cuphead has already been registered on the PlayStation 4 system, and Studio MDHR should be close to announcing the game for the Sony console.


Coincidentally, Geoff Keighley announced almost at the same time that the game was leaked on Sony's digital store that will make a special broadcast today, (July 28), for an independent game announcement, suggesting that the Cuphead - PS4 Edition will be revealed there.

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