CARRION, reverse terror indie, is now available

CARRION, "reverse terror" indie, is now available

Be the monster that must torment humans in this "reverse" horror game
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Devolver Digital revealed Carrion, a "reverse" horror game in which the player takes on the role of the monster instead of the victim will be released on July 23.

Developed by Phobia Game Studio , the goal is "to chase and consume those who imprisoned you, and to spread fear and panic throughout the laboratory". At each level, the creature grows in size and threatens.


CARRION is a "reverse" horror game in which you control an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Chase and consume those who imprisoned you, spreading panic and chaos wherever you go. Grow and evolve as you destroy your prison, and acquire more and more devastating skills on the way to revenge.


Carrion is now available for PC via Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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