Albion Online will receive its next major update, Rise of Avalon, on August 12th

Albion Online will receive its next major update, Rise of Avalon, on August 12th

Game is available for free on PC via Steam and Android
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By then, we already knew that the next major free update to Albion Online, titled Rise of Avalon, would arrive in August. However, on Wednesday (22), Sandbox Interactive confirmed the exact date for the release of the long-awaited update on the game's servers, August 12.

Rise of Avalon will bring several important new features to the world of Albion Online, including the Roads of Avalon, “a massive and changing network of ancient paths, accessible through portals that appear in the open world”. On these roads, players have options to travel, transport, trade and launch or escape attacks.

The Update will also bring immense Avalon wilderness to the game, offering players an entirely new realm to explore with treasures to discover, resource locations, new creatures and Avalonian enemies to conquer. The developer mentions that smaller guilds looking for a home away from the politics of the Outland can even build hiding places and live on the Roads of Avalon.

In Corrupted Dungeons, players will have to prove their skills in a fiery realm filled with demons, traps and corrupted beings. Players can also invade other players' dungeons and participate in 1vs1 fights to obtain Infamy, loot and rise through the ranks.

In addition, the update will also bring a new line of Avalonian Weapons and several quality of life improvements, a new Fantasy Bandit fantasy pack, optimization for the Android version and more.


Albion Online is available for free on PC via Steam and Android. The title recently celebrated its 3rd Anniversary with large numbers - the game had over 500,000 active adventurers in April - and events for players.

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