Battletoads was also registered for Xbox One and PC
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In conjunction with the Xbox Games Showcase event, scheduled for Thursday 23 July, there were rumors of announcements regarding the Age of Empire III: Definitive Edition and Battletoads during the Microsoft event.

The clues were reported by Gematsu, who said the two titles were rated in Australia, a factor that would suggest their imminent release on Xbox One and PC.

It would certainly be the right time for the release of Battletoads, announced two years ago and which is now decidedly expected by fans, while with regard to Age of Empire III: Definitive Edition these rumors seem to give credence to the theory that the new edition of Ensemble Studios' RTS is closer than expected.

Recently, Age of Empire III: Definitive Edition was also rated in Brazil and everything seems to suggest that the official video game announcement is on us, perhaps during the Xbox event this Thursday.

The fourth chapter of the successful Age of Empires saga, although currently in production, seems to be far off, so a break chapter like Age of Empire III: Definitive Edition would be ideal for keeping avid fans busy before the next historic adventure from Ensemble Studios.
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