Visiting the Past # 1: World of Goo - One of the games that showed the power of Indies

Visiting the Past # 1: World of Goo - One of the games that showed the power of Indies

Game used innovative mechanics and showed how indies could surprise with simple things!
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When we think of "indies", games like Fez, Super Meat Boy and Braid certainly come to mind, obviously due to the prominence that both had in the film Indie Game: The Movie, both had their importance in spreading the will among programmers around the world to create their own stories and worlds.

But certainly many fans of indies, have a little place saved in the heart for World of Goo, one of the precursors of the indies, and that showed how something simple created by a small group of people, could make a huge success .


World of Goo is a puzzle and construction game released in 2008, created by Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, two former employees of Eletronic Arts, who together founded 2D Boy. The game itself used several open source technologies and has complex physics simulations for an indie of the time.

The game introduces us to the "goo" round beings, which can be manipulated to create connections with each other, forming structures of the most varied, so as to reach a tube that "sucks" all "goos" connected together. The game is governed by the laws of physics, that is, the player must be careful not to let his goos fall. As each stage has a minimum amount of goo to be sucked, the player must be careful with each goo he will use to make his structure, as his stock is limited.


The game is reasonably short, has 4 chapters and 1 epilogue, with several stages. In these stages, there are also some signs, with the writing of a strange character from the game, known as Sign Painter. In addition to these chapters and the epilogue, there is also the World of Goo Corporation, an extra stage, where all the remaining goo at the end of each stage stops. In this location, the player can assemble any structure he wishes. New goos will also be discovered, and will have unique skills to help you along the way.

World of Goo behind a very current theme, camouflaged on its maps and behind the puzzles, the game shows the evolution of progress, and how climate change can change the environment, showing in a subtle and sarcastic the damage of progress for progress.

Developed so that the puzzle was the focus at all times, the environment is very colorful and eccentric, and at various times the interaction with the environment itself is the key to success. The soundtrack also immerses you more in the atmosphere of the game, with lighter music almost ambient, there are fast rhythms and exciting touches like the trailer itself.

He is rated 90 on Metacritic , and was critically acclaimed, who considered him in its release "one of the best of the generation" (Nintendo World Reporter), "brilliant" (Eurogamer), "best design" (Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences), "Puzzler of the year" (Golden Joystick Awards), and received the award for "Innovative Design" and "Technical Excellence" at the Independent Games Festival.

World of Goo has aged very well, and it is a pearl of the past that deserves to be revisited, because even today it amuses and surprises with its simplicity. Today the game can be played both on the PC via Steam and Epic Store, on Wii, Nintendo Switch and Android or iOS smartphones.

Great! Fun is amazing.
  1. Simple and Innovative Mechanics
  2. The design of the stages does not let the game get sick
  3. Soundtrack helps keep the game interesting
  4. Simple but beautiful art
  1. Game is reasonably short
  2. The story is very subliminal, and may go unnoticed
After reviewing and playing, our note for Visiting the Past # 1: World of Goo - One of the games that showed the power of Indies was 9.7
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