Franchises that we would like to return

Franchises that we would like to return

Check out the franchises that our team would like to see in this next generation.
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With each passing generation, many franchises unfortunately end up in limbo. The reasons can be many, the producer's lack of interest, not meeting expectations, or other internal problems, but one thing is certain, many of these franchises are very dear to fans, who dream of seeing them back on the current platforms. With that in mind, we at MadInfinite have separated a list of the game franchises that we would most like to return.



Starting the list with nothing more, nothing less than Banjo-Kazooie, a favorite of platform fans. The franchise had an incredible start, and is still compared to Super Mario 64. Its sequel was also very well received, but things started to go wrong with the third main title in the series, Nuts & Bolts. The game tried to adopt a new style focused on vehicle construction, which ended up not pleasing the players much.

After 11 years, Banjo-Kazooie is back in the spotlight, thanks to the character's appearance in the newest title in the Super Smash Bros. series. Perhaps this is the ideal time for a new game in the franchise.



As is usual with Rockstar games, Bully was a very controversial game in its day, even being banned in several countries, including here in Brazil. Many believe that due to this, we will hardly have another game in the franchise these days. Still, Rockstar fans would love to see a Bully 2.

According to the VCG website, Rockstar even worked on a new Bully, and the title was even playable, but after two years of development, the company decided to abandon the game. However, in recent months there have been several rumors about a possible Bully 2. We can only wait.

Dino Crisis


Created by Shinji Mikami, Dino Crisis was a great success for Capcom, being very compared to Resident Evil. Regina, the protagonist of the series, is still remembered as one of the best protagonists of the games. Unfortunately, Dino Crisis 3 turned out to be a huge disappointment, even getting on the GameTrailers "10 Worst Streak" list.

Luckily, Mikami has already shown an interest in bringing the series back, and many fans would certainly be happy with a remake of the game at the level that Resident Evil is getting.



Every RPG lover must have at least heard of Fable, the franchise created by Lionhead Studios. Fable is a fantasy RPG with a nice hint of humor. The franchise presented several possibilities for the player to feel part of the world, such as the option of getting married and having their own child, buying establishments, and much more.

After Fable III, the series had several spin-offs, although most did not work out very well, with Fable Legends getting canceled. The closest we got to a new game was Fable Anniversary, an excellent remaster of the first title. However, a new Fable may be close, with rumors stating that Playground Games, the studio responsible for the Forza Horizon series, is working on a new game in the franchise.

God Hand


Another franchise created by Shinji Mikami. God Hand is undoubtedly one of Capcom's craziest games, if not the games in general. The producer stated that at the time he received great freedom from Capcom to create the title he wanted. A 3D beat-up extremely adored by fans, it would be a game that surely many would love to see back.

Like God Hand, Mikami has already expressed a desire to create a new game in the series, and after rescuing Mega Man and Devil May Cry, Capcom itself said it plans to bring back other of its old franchises.

Left 4 Dead


Leaft 4 Dead is one of the most beloved cooperative series among players, but unfortunately suffered from one of the evils that plague Valve's games: it never got to receive a third game. With an excellent coop mode and a robust replay factor, Left 4 Dead was guaranteed fun.

However, perhaps a third game is closer than we expected. Several recent leaks suggest that a new Left 4 Dead is actually in production. Tyler McVicker, famous for leaking Valve information, said Left 4 Dead 3 is real, and will be a VR game.

Legacy of Kain


Legacy of Kain is a very famous action series among players, with an extremely rich universe and well-built characters. The first title was developed by the now defunct Silicon Knights, before Crystal Dynamics took over from the second game. In 2015 we had Nosgoth, a multiplayer spin-off from the series, but it didn't work out and was canceled.

A new Legacy of Kain these days would certainly be a wonderful thing. As Crystal Dynamics is currently working on Marvel's Avengers, and will probably be busy with it for a long time, as it has promised extensive post-launch support for the game, it will be a while before we see a new franchise title.

Legend of Dragoon


Legend of Dragoon, this is a name that should make many players of the 90s thrill, a classic JRPG developed by SCE Japan Studio, directed by Yasuyuki Hasebe and produced by Shuhei Yoshida himself. Although it did not do so well with criticism, the game is adored by many fans, who even today beg for a new title in the series, and perhaps those pleas will be heard.

There are several rumors that the next title from Bluepoint Games, the studio responsible for the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, is a remake of Legend of Dragoon. We can only cross our fingers.

Mother (EarthBound)


With a great sense of humor, very crazy ideas, and an incredible soundtrack, Mother marked many players. Unfortunately, that was not enough to keep the series alive. Mother 3 never even came out of Japan, depending on the fans to create a translation.

Even so, the game's legacy lives on, having gained cult status among players. Ness and Lucas, both characters in the Mother series, are still present in virtually every title in the Super Smash Bros. series. like fighters.

New game from the Chrono series


Chrono Trigger is certainly one of the greatest game classics, considered by many players to be one of the best games ever created. The game was highly acclaimed for its excellent story, great gameplay, and a unique soundtrack. Although Chrono Cross does not enjoy the same cult status as his predecessor, he was still very well received by fans and critics.

Chrono Break, the supposed title of the third game in the franchise, never saw the light of day. A fan even created an incredible title trailer, which you can check out here . The Chrono series had the potential to be Square's next Final Fantasy. Despite the fact that it's been so many years since the last game, who knows, we might be awarded a new game in the series, maybe even a remake at the level of Final Fantasy VII?



Lots of action, samurai, and puzzles, a perfect match. What started as a new title in the Resident Evil series, Onimusha was one of Capcom's great franchises at the time of PlayStation 2, even receiving four games in the same generation, not counting the spin-offs. Unfortunately, with the end of the PlayStation 2, the series is also gone.

With Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima on the rise, this is perhaps the best time for Capcom to launch a new Onimusha. If anything, last year we had a remaster of the first Onimusha for the current generation, which Capcom said had a "good start" in sales.

Parasite Eve


Imagine mixing Resident Evil with RPG elements. That's what Parasite Eve does, and in a fantastic way. A survival horror game, with ATB combat, an interesting story, and one of the best female protagonists of the games is what awaits you in this series. After the second game in 2000, the series stood still for 11 years, until The 3rd Birthda was released. Unfortunately the game was not well received, making the series go into hibernation again.

Last year Square again registered the Parasite Eve brand. Although it may end up meaning nothing, it gives us hope that the company has plans to use the franchise in the future.

Perfect Dark


Just talk about Rare that many will remember Perfect Dark. Putting us in the role of the secretive Joanna Dark, the original 2000 game had beautiful graphics and great artificial intelligence. In 2005 we had a prequel to the game, which although it was well received by critics, ended up being below expectations.

Still working on updates for Sea of ​​Thieves, and having started the development of Everwild, Rare has been a little busy lately, but there is nothing to prevent her from working on the series in the future. Or maybe Microsoft will pass the franchise on to one of its newly acquired studios.



Portal was an incredible game, probably one of the best puzzle games ever created. A simple gameplay, but that makes the player use his head, using genius interesting portal mechanics. Portal 2 arrived with more than the first, although with several improvements and a coop mode. After that, the franchise ended up in limbo. Another Valve franchise that stops at its second title, what a surprise.

Of course, we had some games based on the franchise, like Bridge Constructor Portal and The Lab, but that's not what fans want. With Valve's investment in VR, who knows the next title might not be exclusively for virtual reality devices, as happened with Half-Life? Anyway, we hope to see the series back.

Prince of Persia


Probably one of the most requested franchises by fans. Having its first game released in 1989, Prince of Persia is undoubtedly a classic. After several excellent games, with special mention for the Sands of Time trilogy, in 2008 we had a reboot of the series, giving it a makeover. Although it was well received by critics, it ended up causing a certain division among fans. In 2010, Ubisoft returned to the old style of the series, but even so it was not enough to score the game.

Since then, the series has been stopped. As Ubisoft is currently investing heavily in Assassin’s Creed, a series somewhat similar to Prince of Persia, we may not see the Prince’s return anytime soon. But it doesn't hurt to dream.

Silent Hill


A classic series and adored by many, and undoubtedly a favorite of fans of horror games. Although it was a series of great renown, it gradually declined, until it disappeared completely. In 2014, Konami tried to bring the series back into the spotlight with Silent Hills, featuring Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus. After the excellent P.T., all the fans were excited, there was no way the project could go wrong ... or so we thought.

The following year, Konami ended up announcing that the project was canceled, and Kojima was outside the company. It's hard to be positive about the future of the series, but hope is the last to die. It would be a dream to see the return of Silent Hills.

Top Gear


Every racing lover must have had contact with the Top Gear series at least once. The first title is an icon of racing games, marked in the minds of many players. However, the series failed to do the same with the sequences released later.

Although the first game in the series was very successful in Brazil, the same cannot be said in the rest of the world. Luckily, Aquiris Game Studio, a Brazilian developer, brought us Horizon Chase, the closest we came to a new Top Gear.

And you, which franchises would you like to see back? Leave your opinion below!

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