Dai 3-hikou Shoujo-tai

Dai 3-hikou Shoujo-tai
Inglês: Third Aerial Girls Squad
Japonês: 第3少女飛行隊
Tipo: Doujinshi
Volumes: 1 volume
Status: Finalizado
Autores: Takeshi Nogami (História e Arte)
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Earth has been taken over by the mysterious entities known as the Builders, which have made humans' latest military technology usable only to them and have used modern aircraft, tanks, and ships to destroy cities and settlements and erect massive Pillars in their place. Humanity's only hope is a ragged collection of squadrons flying outdated warplanes in seemingly impossible fights against their modern replacements—in particular, the formidable group of young women called the Third Aerial Girls Squad.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos uma sinopse em português para Dai 3-hikou Shoujo-tai

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