Ningyo Himeden

Ningyo Himeden
Inglês: Princess Mermaid
Japonês: 人魚姫殿
Tipo: Mangá
Volumes: 1 volume
Status: Finalizado
Autores: Junko Mizuno (História e Arte)
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First there was Cinderalla... then there was Hansel and Gretel... now, the third and final piece in Junko Mizuno's full-color fractured "fairy tales" series, Princess Mermaid!

In this dark-hued ocean fable, three beautiful and seductive mermaid sisters, Tara, Julie, and Ai, lure unsuspecting sailors into their underwater pleasure palace only them!?! Crazed with vengeance for human atrocities against their mother, these mermaid sisters have sworn to kill...but things take a twist when Julie falls for the all-too-human Suekichi, and the two lovers find themselves in the middle of an inter-special feud. Will Julie find true love? Or will the double-dealings of the lusty Dragon of the deep take things in a whole other direction?

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Infelizmente ainda não possuímos uma sinopse em português para Ningyo Himeden