Lost Boys

Lost Boys
Título: Lost Boys
Japonês: ロストボーイズ
Tipo: Mangá
Capítulos: 7 capítulos
Volumes: 1 volume
Status: Finalizado
Serialização: Craft
Autores: Kaname Itsuki (História e Arte)
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One evening, a boy named "Air" suddenly appears at Mizuki’s window, forcibly transporting him to Neverland. Having grown up most of his life without his own father, Mizuki wants nothing to do with being a surrogate father to Air and the other children, but unfortunately stuck without a way out of Neverland, he has little choice but to stay. As he spends time with Air, however, Mizuki is gradually charmed by his boyish innocence.

(Source: DMP)

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos uma sinopse em português para Lost Boys